• inclusive drama

    The Rock Foundation

    brings out your passion in life

  • social-integration-programme

    The Rock Foundation

    discovers your strengths and abilities

  • Drama-Programs-Hong-Kong

    The Rock Foundation

    prepares for life long learning

  • Rehabilitation-Programme

    The Rock Foundation

    provides opportunities for vocational training

Who are we?

We are a special group of people, trying to discover our passion and talents, creating a culture of purpose in life that contributes to the better of society and humanity.

  • rehabilitation-programme-hong-kong Our Mission To enable every person with or without special needs to reveal their gifts and abilities.
  • inclusive drama Our Vision To enable a community of love and respect where people of differences live together in hope, harmony and mutuality.
Community Involvement/ Exchange
  • The Rock Talent Show

    A show about the talents of every person, made up of people of different age groups, cultures, beliefs and abilities. But we all have one thing in common : We are talented!!

  • "We ALL" Drama Synergy

    The "We ALL" drama is a testimony to synergy in colaboration. We are committed to "We All", bringing together people of different talents, different cultures, different age groups to demonstrate the power of diversity.

  • Music Band

    Music is a combination of sounds that helps to express our joy, happiness and communication as one body. The band has weekly training schedule.

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    T +(852) 2815-0260
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    4C, Sun Hey Mansion, 72 Hennessy Road,
    Wanchai, Hong Kong.

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