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What we Offer and Curriculum Structure

The curriculum is designed for young adults with or without special educational needs who have completed years of education and are ready to equip themselves to integrate with the community as well as acquire life-long learning skills.

Full Time Programme

It includes four staged related programmes, which represent four phases of development in the growth of the post-school young adults. All programmes are fitted into a 5-day full-time time-table, from Sept to June.
Stage 1 – Foundation Programme
Stage 2 – Consolidation Programme
Stage 3 – Outreaching Programme
Stage 4 – Social Integration Programme

7 Key Learning Areas:

Language and Communication
Mathematics and Problem Solving
Liberal Studies and Independent Living
Leisure, Recreation and Sports
Art and Drama
Experiential Learning
Physical, Mental , Community Health and Human Sexuality

How the programme operates:

Trainees choose the programmes that best match their age, interest, talents and development.

Each programme is for one year, after which trainees can move up to the next programme or stay in the same programme for consolidation.

An Individual Training Plan (ITP) will be drawn up to give each trainee maximum benefits from the programme.

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  • Part Time Programme

    Part Time programmes are available for individual modules selection.

  • Volunteers

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