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Donation & Support

The Rock Foundation Limited is a non-profit organization. We do not receive any subsidies from the Hong Kong Government.

  • Donation

    Our financial sources come from programme fees, donations from parents, friends and corporations and project fundings. Programme fees do not cover the full cost of preparing and integrating our core members into society, which is why fund raising and donations are of vital importance to sustain our good cause.

    Fund Raising

    Annual reports

    2010-2011 Annual Report (download pdf)
    2011-2013 Annual Report (download pdf)
    2013-2014 Annual Report (download pdf)
    2014-2015 Annual Report (download pdf)

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    Support and Design Dept

    We provide graphic design service to help our reserve fund.
    (portfolio of our past design work)
    We train peoples who has special needs to do arts and crafts and sell to public. Artworks will also be incorporated into merchandize to sell at the market.

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